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WSU Culture and Heritage Houses



In order to reserve one of the Culture and Heritage Houses, a Group Use Agreement must be completed and sent to the House staff via email or Interdepartmental Mail-5501. It is strongly encouraged that groups complete their reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests submitted within 2 weeks of the event may be denied due to a lack of time. For any questions or comments about making a reservation contact the staff at 509-339-6172 or You may also contact Heather McPherson, Fiscal Specialist: 


The WSU Culture and Heritage Houses are open to the WSU and community groups.  The following groups may schedule events in the Culture and Heritage Houses: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), administrative/academic units of WSU (programs, departments, schools, colleges, etc.), and civic/community groups.  Personal events are not allowed.  

Official university guests, who are contributing to the academic and/or diversity mission of WSU, are eligible for temporary housing in the Culture and Heritage Houses.  For more information, contact the Culture and Heritage Houses staff. 


Fees for day/event use of the Culture and Heritage Houses:

            a. WSU Registered Student Organizations and administrative/academic units: NO CHARGE.

            b.Non-WSU groups, see chart below.





Cost (per day)

Cleaning Fee**

Total (one day)

Asian Pacific American Cultural House





Casa Latina





Native American Cultural House





Talmadge Anderson Heritage House





*Prices include all applicable taxes for day use only.  See page Overnight Policies for applicable taxes on overnight stays.

**Cleaning fee can be increased for excessive disorder and/or damage to house and belongings.