WSU Culture and Heritage Houses

Office of the Provost

Culture and Heritage Houses Event Policies


Asian Pacific American Cultural House (905 C Street)

Casa Latina (955 B Street)

Native American Cultural House (975 B Street)

Talmadge Anderson Heritage House (935 B Street)


To promote diversity and inclusion, Washington State University acquired a group of historic homes on the edge of the Pullman campus and created the Culture and Heritage Houses.  Constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, the buildings were once the homes for WSU faculty and feature all brick construction, hardwood floors, and fireplaces.  The Houses are devoted to promoting community and diversity.  They include collections of art, books, and cultural items related to African/African Americans, Chicano/Latinos, Asian American/Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans.  The Houses also provide spaces for gathering, learning, and building community.  The Culture and Heritage Houses have hosted the ribbon cutting for the Pullman Historic District, cultural celebrations, welcome picnics, department socials, and more. 


  1. Assist in the development of multicultural learning communities in the College Hill neighborhood and beyond
  2. Preserve and promote learning and appreciation of America’s diverse communities, specifically the culture and history of African Americans, Asian American/Pacific Islanders, Chicano/Latinos, and Native Americans
  3. Provide a comfortable gathering space that encourages community building and intercultural understanding 

The Culture and Heritage Houses are open for use by the WSU community and the Pullman Community at large. They are available for little or no charge, and therefore we appreciate cooperation with the following guidelines. 

1. Reservations
It is strongly encouraged that groups complete their reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. Requests submitted within 2 weeks of the event may be denied due to a lack of time.   For any questions or comments about making a reservation contact the staff at 509-332-3186 or  You may also contact Maria de Jesus Dixon, Director of Culture and Heritage Houses: 509-338-9209 or       

2. Eligibility
The WSU Culture and Heritage Houses are open to the WSU and community groups.  The following groups may schedule events in the Culture and Heritage Houses: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), administrative/academic units of WSU (programs, departments, schools, colleges, etc.), and civic/community groups.  Personal events are not allowed.   

3. Fees
Fees for day/event use of the Culture and Heritage Houses:

            a. WSU Registered Student Organizations and administrative/academic units: NO CHARGE.

            b. Non-WSU groups, see chart below.


Cultural Houses Maximum Occupancy and Rates
House Occupancy Cost-(per day) Cleaning Fee**  Total (-day)

Asian Pacific American Cultural   House

60  $65  



Casa Latina

30  $55  



Native American Cultural House

40  $60  



Talmadge Anderson Heritage House


25 (media room)





**Cleaning fee can be increased for excessive disorder and/or damage to house and belongings.
Prices include all applicable taxes